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U.S. Patent Search
When you partner with Quality Patents , the first step is to do a search for your invention. By doing a search you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. We have a staff of patent search professionals who do their searches right at the patent office to ensure a thorough search. Our search fee is one of the lowest, if not the lowest fee, in the industry.

A U.S. patent search is a search of all U.S. patents to determine whether your idea is already patented. This allows us top make a determination as to the patentability of your invention. We don't want you to spend money on an idea that already has been patented. The patent search also gives us some of the material we need to create a patent and protect your idea. For quality purposes all of our patent research is conducted manually at the Patent and Trademark Office in Crystal City, Virginia.

Preparing and Filing your U.S. Patent
Our patent practitioners are experts in their fields and prepare and file your U.S. patent. This involves preparing drawings, specifications, claims and everything else required to apply for a U.S. patent. We also take care of additional information or specifications, which are often required after the patent is filed. Once we have worked with you to develop your patent, we then develop the best possible patent protection. Your intellectual property protection is very important to us and we take our business very seriously.

Manufacturing, marketing and licensing
Usually, a manufacturer will require some patent protection before they will look at an invention. Once you have filed you patent and begun the process of letting us protect your idea you can work with manufacturers. We can often help you in finding a manufacturer or investor interested in helping you fund your idea.

Most inventors get their products to market in one of three ways: They manufacture and market the product themselves, the have someone else manufacture and market the product for them, or they simply license the product and collect a royalty.

Quality Patents can help you determine which approach may be right for you, and provide the resources, contacts and expertise necessary to get your product to market.

What the Process Costs
The only initial cost that you incur is a small administrative fee and a usually a search fee, which we charge to offset our costs in those areas. Traditional patent attorneys typically charge thousands of dollars for a full patent search, preparation and filing. We let you know up front what you patent will probably cost and work with you to help keep your patent protection affordable!
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