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At Quality Patents we work with the individual inventor to protect their invention with a quality patent application.

Most inventors try to bring their intellectual property to the market before it is adequately protected by a patent. Knowing this, we spend considerable time with each inventor to help them protect their ideas before they attempt to take their invention to market. We work with the inventor and the patent office (pto) to develop the best patent protection possible.

Most people believe that inventions are created by large think tanks of geniuses. Not so! Ordinary people create most inventions. Because most inventors lack the skills necessary to develop an idea to its full potential and protect it, many ideas are abandoned or stolen before a patent can adequately protect them. Before most inventors' products are brought to the market place, the inventor has to develop the invention, research the invention to see if any one else has developed the same or similar idea, patent the invention if it passes the tests for a novel invention, and then try to market the invention to investors. With all of the complexities these steps require it is no wonder most inventors never take even the first step! With our years of experience, not only can we can help the inventor over come these obstacles!

How do today's inventors bring their ideas to reality?

At Quality Patents , our business is helping independent inventors and companies to protect their ideas. If you have an idea for a new product or an improvement of an existing product, we can help you research, develop, patent, and license your product.

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